School Shippers Box Service

Price: Starting at $109.00

Ship a School Shippers Box weighing up to 145 lb. from anywhere in the contiguous U.S. to school for $109.

All shipments MUST use a reusable School Shippers Box.  Boxes come with a roll of heavy duty tape and all the required shipping/address labels and costs $49.  Additional insurance as well as confirmation services are available.

Note: Your box and/or labels will automatically be shipped to the origin address provided.

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Price: Starting at $109.00


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** Additional Surcharges will be applied to your order for the following:

Change of pickup date                                                           $7.00

Once a pickup has been scheduled and a shipper requests a new pickup date or there is a change in delivery date that requires a change to the original pickup date, a fee will apply.

Oversize charges                                                                    $72.50

If your box exceeds 150 lb. or you have overpacked it to the point where the outer dimensions exceed their normal Length and Girth (2 x (Width + Height) of 130 inches, you will be assessed an oversize charge will apply.

By placing this order I understand that some schools will not allow delivery to a student’s dorm room or residence hall so deliveries will have to be made to a central Mail Center for student collection.