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How It Works

  1. Go to to place your order and tell us when and where you will be arriving or departing school.
  2. We’ll ship you the School Shippers Box complete with assembly instructions, necessary shipping labels, tape and a pickup date/time when the packed box will be collected.  If you already own a School/Camp Shippers Box then you know the drill.  We’ll send you everything listed above less the box.
  3. We’ll schedule the pickup date so there is ample time to pack – and have it arrive at school/home when you want it there.  Make sure you open the box kit ASAP so you know when your pickup will occur.
  4. Have your packed box ready on your scheduled pickup date.
  5. Once your pickup has occurred, there’s nothing left to do.  Your box will arrive at school/home by the date you listed on your order form.
  6. Once unpacked, be sure to stow the School Shippers box for future use.


Unless you already own a certified
School Shippers Box, you have to
remember to order early so we have enough time to ship a box to you.

*Important:  We only transport School Shippers Boxes.

Contact us today, to learn more about our how we can simplify your shipping needs.