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Welcome to School Shippers

School Shippers transports student’s belongings between home and school inexpensively and efficiently. 

Using a School Shippers Box, students can ship clothes, books, linens, toiletries… pretty much everything you need to fill a bedroom - for a single flat-rate to/from any school in the United States.

The School Shippers Box is custom designed to hold an abundance of stuff.  It has over 8.5 cubic ft. of space, is super strong (capable of holding up to 150 lb.), not to mention - it’s reusable and folds flat for easy stowing.

Set up your shipment to your college, preparatory school or special program now!

EVERYONE benefits using School Shippers:

  • Students - Now you have options.  Instead of relying on your parent’s schedule, ship your clothes, bedding, books, etc. when it is convenient for you - then catch a ride with a friend or use public transportation.  Want to swap out your winter wardrobe or get rid of unused belongings?  Send them home in a School Shippers Box mid-term!
  • ParentsSave time and money.  Don’t take off of work to make the long, expensive, grueling trip to school every fall and spring just to collect your kid’s “stuff”.  Also, shipping postpones the need to purchase another car.
  • SchoolsReduce congestion and risk associated with too many cars on campus.
  • Environment – Less cars on the road making the bi-annual trip means less carbon emissions – which is good for EVERYONE!

*Important:  We only transport School Shippers Boxes.